30 Reasons Why 2011 Is Going To Be Another Crappy Year For America’s Middle Class

We have every reason to believe that 2013 was, in fact, the best year. middle class people have access to an ever-greater stock of life-improving goods. Televisions and refrigerators, once luxury.

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The U.S. middle class saw a decline of 28% in their net worth over the last decade-from $129,000 in 2001 to $93,000 in 2011. To top it off, the net worth of lower income families fell a steeper 45%! There is no doubt the middle class was the reason for economic growth in the past.

Is the Housing Market Even Worse than it Seems? Mike Pirrone Loan Officer|NMLS # 390534 Florida – Jacksonville Embrace Home Loans mortgage professional reviews *** In Florida Beware of Rescue Mortgage Scams *** In other words, possibly the only thing worse than a world in which homeownership doesn’t work as a wealth-building tool is a world in which it does work as a wealth-building tool. This also means that the two stated pillars of American housing policy-homeownership as wealth-building and housing affordability-are fundamentally at odds.

The Middle Class Struggle Is Real — And Increasingly Hard People often say being the middle child is hard. Well, according to most Americans it also is getting more difficult to be in the middle.

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Why the American Middle Class Is Disappearing (and What It Will Mean for the Economy). That same $100 put in the hands of the wealthy will mostly go into the bank for savings.

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 · Paul Solman: Why does health care cost so much in America? David Cutler: Let me give you three reasons why. The first one is because the administrative costs.

A Dozen Facts about America’s Struggling Lower-Middle-Class. This struggling lower-middle class consists of the 30 percent of working-age families with children who have incomes between 100.

7 Reasons the Middle Class Is in Serious Trouble The backbone of the American economy is struggling, and things may not get better anytime soon.

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