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UNITECH WATER SOLUTION as an organization with a mission of rendering extensive services in the critical area of Water and Waste Water Management through a complete suit of water solutions backed by cutting edge expertise and Hi-End Infrastructure which essays a multi-faceted organization being the knowledge bank as well as the disseminator of Hi-end Service Provider.

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Rather than targeting the wide growing market with a limited or fixed range of products, our concept is driven by the aim to tailor-suit client-specific requirements and flexibly select the best MOC, Parts & Parameters such that the end products serves every client’s specific diversified needs.

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At Nickerson Company, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet any municipal water system challenge with superior solutions. From client consultation and custom fabrication, to field installation, inspection and repair, our multi-faceted approach to municipal water systems sets us apart in the municipal water pump market.

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Improvements are often multi-faceted and involve multiple engineering and contractor disciplines. For this presentation we will focus on basic commissioning principles in process. Start-Up and Commissioning at Water Treatment Facilities.