Couple Stole Mortgage, Rental Payments: MDPD

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Detectives were said to have discovered that they had run up massive debts and had made false claims on mortgage applications. She said the couple ran into arrears on the rent they were paying to.

Syracuse, NY — A Syracuse couple has been accused of tricking vulnerable homeowners into signing over deeds to their homes while leaving the victims stuck with the mortgages, according to a.

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Shortly after we moved into the rental house in Atlanta, someone broke a window while we were out and stole a few of our things. We could use what was left of my college fund for the down payment;.

Fusco said she and the other 10 condo owners were given a choice during a condo association meeting on Dec. 22: pay rent for the property they had previously owned in addition to their mortgage.

Are Older Generations Really Not Selling Their Homes? The Cat Cafes of Missouri & NW Arkansas USA – Katzenworld PBS, the nation’s most trusted provider of educational media for children, will launch the first-ever national 24/7 PBS Kids channel, provided by member stations across the country on TV and via live.The housing market is not only booming nationally but locally in Indiana as well.. Houses are selling fast in Indiana, causing issues for each generation, and buyers are feeling the pressure. time a home is on the market was just 41 days in June, according to data from real estate research firm trulia.

Eviction Laws: What You Need to Know as a Renter. Find Lease Move Live. 3 MIN READ. Most renters realize that you can be evicted if you don’t pay your rent. But that’s only the beginning. For example, many renters aren’t aware of the other possible grounds for eviction, or don’t understand.

TRENTON — A Ewing couple who ran a Trenton-based real estate firm have admitted they defrauded mortgage companies of $641,800 and stole $600,000 from home sellers. serious financial problems and.

One-third of buyers report that they spent more than they expected to on their home, and nearly one-third put down a higher down payment than they anticipated. This goes for folks who rent, too,”.

For Rent; Foreclosures. Man gets prison time for scamming couples out of mortgage payments. posted apr 17, 2015. Coniglione also admitted he stole more than $78,000 in mortgage payments from.

In Viburnum, a former city clerk stole more than $100,000. Meanwhile, I know there are families making tough decisions on how to pay their rent or mortgage, or afford childcare. In Putnam County,