Ditech, Fannie Mae sued over mortgage default inspection fees

Ditech, Fannie Mae sued over mortgage default inspection fees mortgage servicer Ditech Financial and home financing giant Fannie Mae have been hit with a proposed class action accusing them of charging borrowers for excessive home inspections and disguising the fees to look legitimate on billing statements.

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If you haven’t heard, HomeReady is a Fannie Mae mortgage program that makes it easier than ever for many Americans to purchase a home. Made for homebuyers with low to moderate income, this loan program is packed with loads of perks: a small down payment, cancellable mortgage insurance, lender paid mortgage insurance, flexible underwriting.

The 1099 says Fannie Mae owns Molotky. calls and e-mails over the past few weeks. They promised to have someone call FOX 17 on Wednesday after the ruling, but no one heard from them as of news time.

Fannie Mae filed a lawsuit Thursday against nine of the world’s largest banks over $800 million in losses suffered. at a fraction of the cost of a traditional advisor’s fee." 360 Mortgage Group has.

Wells Fargo did not own the mortgage or the note when it sold both to Lehman Bros. Wells Fargo denies the sale but a class action law suit against Wells Fargo by Wells Fargo Inspection Fee Settlement C/O GCG P.O. BOX 10106 Dublin, OH 43017-3106 shows the loan was paid in full.

As the name suggests, Green Tree Servicing was supposed to service homeowners’ mortgages by collecting and crediting monthly payments. But according to a $63 million settlement announced by the FTC and CFPB, rather than service, Green Tree gave many homeowners the business.. Mortgages are often transferred during the life of a loan, so consumers may find themselves locked in a relationship.

A $200 fee for review and process is charged to certain mortgage loan customers, as permitted by applicable federal, state and local requirements. easement Fee The right of use, or to cross over the real property of another.

In 2009, the Board of Supervisors adopted legislation requiring the owners of vacant properties to register them and pay an annual fee to cover city inspection. sued by the Federal Housing Finance.