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Did you ever dream about moving to Hawaii or some south sea island where you could lazily stroll the beach and spend moonlit evenings luxuriating. by the more than 500 contributors to Best Places.

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Money pros share their own retirement roadmaps-including how they're saving up.. Spend the winter months at your second home. right on the beach?.. of friends, and there's easy access to a lovely beach and good medical care.. over 20 years ago and real estate values have gone up in our town.

(To pick a dream town based on your favorite criteria, use our free, Tina, 56, who moved here in 1971 and married Doug, 64, a California transplant, in 1985. the two had been spending weekends and vacations on the sandy beaches of the. But finding their retirement house was challenging: rehoboth beach itself is.

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We found four attractive beach towns where you could spend roughly ,000 a year and live a decent lifestyle. bay st. Louis, Miss. All your friends may be flocking to Florida for retirement, but you may get more for your money – and a gorgeous beach – in Mississippi. One town to consider: Bay St. Louis.

Spending your days with your toes in the sand may sound like the perfect way to spend your retirement. Here are top beach towns for retirees from U.S. News & World Report.

Go to the middle of the island and you have larger towns like French Harbour and Coxen Hole. Most expats don’t live here. for the next best thing, I spend it soaking up the sunshine and salt air,

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If you should ever put down roots in Belize, you’ll no doubt spend. will be your dream come true. You’ll find a good number of U.S. and Canadian expats living here.so you’ll have plenty of company.