Dumped dog left tied to lamppost in the cold

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Sometimes, dogs are left in public locations, with the hopes that they will be found be a Good Samaritan. One dog wasn’t left in a very public spot. Instead, his owner tied him to a tree in the woods, with a heartbreaking note attached.

A local resident named Graham Dobson was on his way to work when he found a sad and scared dog chained to a lamppost at the roadside. He fed the dog and waited to see if his owner would return to get him. Sadly, the heartless owner failed to return hours later, and the poor dog was abandoned. So, Dobson quickly called the dog warden to pick him up.

Staffy cross ‘Joseph’, as he has been nicknamed by the staff at the RSPCA’s Felledge Animal Centre, was cold. tied him to the lamppost on purpose and either dumped him, or they simply forgot about.

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A CAT left to slowly suffocate in a plastic bag after being dumped in a drain has died in an horrific animal cruelty case.

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Bill Dixon and his friend Merrillyn Carpenter were out for their morning walk Thursday at Kit Carson Park when they spotted a large dog food bag, duct-taped up and left in the cold outside a public ..

An appeal has begun to find who left a frightened dog tied to a lamppost in the cold and rain in Birmingham. The RSPCA is appealing to find.

The dog. blue lead tied to a wooden gate behind a Morrisons supermarket. As winter reaches its coldest spell with sub-zero temperatures and snow storms, the RSPCA has been left dealing with a glut.

Duke was found tied to a tree in a Maryland park on a frigid morning last weekend, along with a heartbreaking note from his former owner explaining that the big white dog needed a new family.

An appeal has begun to find who left a frightened dog tied to a lamppost in the cold and rain in Birmingham. The RSPCA is appealing to find out who dumped the labrador-cross, who was found by a resident on Esher Road on Friday evening (16 November) at around 10.20pm.