Jump-Start Your Retirement Plan, December 2014

Many employers will match your contributions up to a certain dollar amount (a common split is they’ll put in 3% if you put in 6%). You’re leaving free money on the table if you aren’t deferring enough.

Missing Mortgage Payments But Staying In Homes Skipped payments: how do they work? If you can’t make a mortgage payment, call your lender and see what options are available to you. Some lenders offer a skip-a-payment feature as part of a mortgage product, which may have no penalties – or at least less severe penalties – in the event that you happen to miss a mortgage payment.

Several national experts described how employers are making a major commitment to capturing and analyzing the vast amount of health and retirement data in their benefits plans in a report.

Regulators Vow To Push Out Annuity Sales Model Law By December. -To help jump-start retirement planning, the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council has .

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The Internal Revenue Code does not say what you can invest in, only what you cannot invest in with your retirement plan. Internal Revenue Code Sections. According to IRS Notice 2014-21, for federal.

However, if you file for benefits between full retirement age (FRA) and 70, DRCs are initially only credited through December of the year prior to your month of entitlement. will be retiring early.

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Employers – are you ready to stretch? December 14, 2016 Jerry Patterson, SVP Retirement & Investor Service. It’s that time of year again. With the turkey, stuffing and green bean casserole behind us, thousands of people are getting a jump-start on their New Year’s resolution by.

Here are our featured retirement planning lessons to inspire you as you plan your retirement.. And should you have questions about planning your retirement just email them to glenn@financialcoachingwithglenn.com or call us directly at 1-242-327-2453 (Bah) or 1-501-588-4621 (USA).

with making a financial plan. These basic steps should enable you to jump start or re-energize your retirement planning and your thoughts about your future years. 1. For the Pre-Retiree – Gather retirement data by assessing your Textron retirement/health and 401(k) saving plan benefits.