Smart Cities With Dr. Jonathan Reichental #639

smart transportation, infrastructure optimization, smart homes, instant emergency solutions, natural resources management and accurate weather are among the many factors government can use AI for.

smart city world Congress The Smart city world congress 2011 brought together key thinkers and the leaders of the most innovative initiatives in the world. It was a unique experience that featured networking opportunities, a showcase of real-life scenarios, and an overview of the latest solutions on the market.

Today, I’m talking to technology leader and professor Dr. Jonathan Reichental about smart cities. This is ahead of a webinar Jonathan is going to be giving for SVIC on smart cities on September 20th. And now, don’t forget, if you have a question for Jonathan today, you can send that to us in.


FREMONT, CA: For an increasing amount of police forces around the globe, the latest crime-fighting weapon of choice is not a gun, taser, or pepper spray-it’s data! But is it possible to decrease crime.

In this episode, Palo Alto’s Chief Information Officer, Jonathan Reichental discusses smart cities, digital transformation, leadership, and innovation in local government. Dr. Jonathan Reichental , currently the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for the City of Palo Alto, is a multiple award-winning technology leader whose 25-year career has spanned both the private and public sectors.

water meters or smart phones, the cities themselves become active players in this technology space.” Here we join Eric as well as other leading global experts Jonathan Reichental, CIO for City of Palo.

Lyft’s Head of Social Impact, Mike Masserman, joins the pod to talk about how a tech company can still invest in social good – even in an era of heightened government scrutiny across some of the world’s largest technology corporations. Mike Masserman is currently the Head of Global Policy & Social Impact at Lyft, where he works on initiatives related to civic engagement, autonomous.

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SMART CITIES SUMMIT chaired by The Mayor of Sofia; TRADE EXPO. 15:35 Highly skilled migrants for European smart cities dr. adem kumcu President, UNITEE EUROPE (New European. It will be an opportunity to learn how to transform your business into a more agile organization. Please join Jonathan Wisler, General Manager of SoftLayer at IBM.