The Perfect Setting for a Novel – Promoting Independent Authors And Their Work

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Best Fonts To Use For Your Book: Now that I’ve given you a proper definition, I want to show you the difference between the two different types of fonts you’ll be working with: Now, let’s look at the best and worst font to use for your book. ***Here’s a hit, each bolded font name is the actual font!

A self-publishing author must get independent feedback, as it is impossible for an author to judge their own work. A good book needs to develop over time after the first draft and the only way this process can work is with external suggestions and criticism.

60. Create a pop-up ad on your blog to promote your book. 61. Contact BookBub and BuckBooks to see if they will promote your book in their newsletters. 62. highlight social proof on your blog, book sales page, and author page by showing the logos or a list of places you’ve appeared or been interviewed. 63.

 · Inbound. Inbound is a WordPress theme for creating landing pages with a pre-built demo that’s ideal for selling eBooks. Among the selection of Inbound demos, the pre-built eBook promotion landing page is a great choice for authors who want to create a stylish homepage for their latest book.

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Indie authors are capable of writing amazing books, but their marketing efforts often fall short. The savvy book marketer, run by marketing expert Dana Lynn Smith is the perfect resource to help indie authors become better marketers. We can almost guarantee that you will sell more books if you follow Smith’s advice. 5. EditionGuard Blog

 · When April 15 is getting close, and it’s time to file your taxes as a book author, the more you know about your deductions, the better. Sure, your pens, computer printer ink, and paper are tax-deductible-but there are other tax deductions you may be eligible to take.