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“He was sitting there in the driver’s seat and he couldn’t move,” Romero-Sim said, recalling how she, her husband and their 9-year-old daughter, Milagros, sat in their truck, watching the RV burn before finally realizing they had to flee. “He just kept watching and he feels.

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1 [u] comando; guida; posizione di testa; primo posto; avanguardia: We will follow your lead, ci lasceremo guidare da te; ti verremo dietro; to be in the lead, essere all’avanguar

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 · Schumer led last week’s move to block the Senate measure but Democrats haven’t faced much political heat for the maneuver, and schumer appears confident that Republicans will have to yield and give more aid to Puerto Rico. The House passed a $14 billion measure in January but the measure got tangled up during the partial government shutdown.

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Yes, you can point to individual organizations that do things poorly, but what you are ignoring is the organizations that do it well. When you make them all share a solution, it’s going to be the average of all these things – meaning those who do something well are going to move to a worse solution.

The entity known as the American Bar Association is a private, voluntary, nationwide organization of some 370,000 lawyers from all states; it is the largest organization of lawyers in the country, although there are many other private bar associations, often based on areas of legal specialization.

“If it were absolutely dire emergencies, conceivably, you could say that people can enter. [but] “you need people moving across that border for commercial reasons for tourism, really, in both directions,” Noriega said. Telles, however, still agrees “there’s going to have to be some closures in certain areas.”