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Estate and Business Planning Legal Blog Sunday, December 16, 2012. assuming you continue to own real property in New York, and you may also lose your $250,000 per person capital gains tax exclusion on the sale of your New York property, depending on when you sell it.. New York/Florida.

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New York Estate Planning Everyone should do some basic estate planning-that is, planning to make sure that your wishes are followed after your death, your family is spared unnecessary expense and delay, and that someone you trust will be in charge if you are ever incapacitated and unable to manage things on your own.

An important event occurred this past legislative session. ch. 736 was added to the Florida Statutes. For estate, family law, elder law, and tax practitioners; for clients, their beneficiaries, accountants, and trustees; for regulated trust companies and for Florida courts, this promises to be a big deal ! Along time in the making, new Ch. 736 and some conforming amendments made to the Probate.

Cohen & Lombardo, P.C., has been assisting Buffalo-area clients with wills, trusts. in Buffalo, New York, we provide a full estate planning analysis for every client.. FIRST! It is important to take the first step towards creating an estate plan by.

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When it comes to discussing real estate with clients, adviser Michael Martin is able to draw on his own hard-earned experience. rehabbing and selling properties in New York and Florida. “I learned.

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